Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

The mission of MVPIT is to provide cost-effective, high-quality reliable web-development and WordPress development services, based on best practice, that meet the quality requirements of the latest WordPress & Magento development  standards.

1. Objective of the agreement

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to describe the key services we provide and the agreed upon quality standards of our service delivery.

This Agreement sets out:

  • The services we provide to clients, modules users and external partners.  
  • The overall standard we have set for our services.

2. Project work-flow and development stages

Our project managers prepare an individualized plan for each project in accord with the scope of the project and the client’s wishes. 

All projects include the stages described below.

The stages for a typical project:

  •  Initial discussion and quotation.
  •  Specification / Project plan preparation.
  •  Development.
  •  Testing / Quality Assurance.
  •  Uploading to the live server.
  •  Six-month bug-free warranty period.
  •  Post-warranty period / professional support.

2.1. Initial discussion and quotation

Upon receiving your request, we will provide you with an initial project quote or inform you that additional details need to be discussed before a quote can be provided. If the initial quote is acceptable, we assign a personal project manager who will be responsible for the project.

2.2. Specification / Project plan preparation

A Project specification is a document that fully describes our vision of the project. This is the most important stage. All work will proceed according to the specification prepared in this stage. The project specification describes all stages of  the project, the changes which will be made and the overall scope of the project. You will be provided you with the final  quote and time frame.

2.3. Development

We have a strong team of certified developers who are experienced in WordPress Community & Magento Community.

If you already have a site, we will copy it to our password protected development server. We perform all work on our development server. Your live store will not be affected and will work as-is.

Our development processes are based on Agile methodology. You will see a real-time, full picture of the project development process in our project management system and development server.

2.4. Testing

We perform internal testing of all implemented functionality on our site. Then we provide a preview of that work to the client. Any necessary corrections are made according the client’s wishes. Any major new requirements are treated as separate tasks and will be quoted separately.

2.5. Uploading on the live server

When the implemented changes are approved by the client, we upload the changes to the client’s server. In most cases this does not affect the work of the website/store. There is usually no server downtime, or minimal downtime.

2.6. Six-month bug-free warranty

Once the changes are uploaded on the server, your 6-month development warranty begins. During this period we fix bugs – if there are any – in our code, at no charge to you. We have a high degree of confidence in our testing/quality assurance processes. That is  why we offer such a unique extended development warranty to all our clients.

The warranty does not include:

  •  Bugs introduced by 3rd-party extensions or developers. 
  •  Development of new functionality.
  •  WordPress & Magento upgrades.

2.7. Post-warranty period / professional support

If the client wants to implement an additional functionality, after the project is launched, we treat such requests as separate projects. If the client wants to implement small changes directly on the site, within a few days of delivery, that can usually be done under our support service.

3. Code Quality / Quality Assurance

We have an internal quality assurance process. This means that all code we develop is validated according to the latest standards and best practices of web development.

Our team delivers stable high-quality development products that are tested and built according to WordPress and Zend best practices in performance, security, WordPress upgrade path, user interface (UI) and WordPress modularity. Our  certified front-end developers also follow W3C code standards for HTML/CSS.

4. Client Communications

All client communications use our HTTPS/SSL protected helpdesk system and are password protected. We guarantee  an answer within one business day to all client messages posted in the helpdesk. If the client communicates via email, 

we cannot guarantee an answer within 24 hours.

Screenshot of our Helpdesk & Project management system:

5. Payment terms

We require a 50{995e8c448deefa78c517bf7541286c7c9b9a9d1de19429858df8ffe7bb5aba1e} advance payment before beginning work. The remaining half must be paid before publication of the website. After complete payment, the modifications will be uploaded to the client’s server. 

6. Design terms

We integrate the design into Magento according to design sketches. Design sketches can be provided by the client, or created by our  professional designers.

6.1. Supported Browsers

The following browsers will be supported: 

– Microsoft IE 7 and above (IE 6 is not supported),

– Mozilla Firefox 4 and above,

– Google Chrome,

– Apple Safari.

For older browsers, the notification ‘Please update your browser’ will be displayed.

6.2. Screen resolutions

The site will be adapted for 1024×768 screen resolution and above.

6.3. W3C HTML / CSS validation

The result code will be validated using W3C validation service. All errors in the code that can be fixed will be fixed.

6.4. Animation

Animation will be achieved using Javascript / jQuery library. Flash will not be used. Flash is not supported by many devices including the Apple iPad and iPhone. Javascript / jQuery animation is 100{995e8c448deefa78c517bf7541286c7c9b9a9d1de19429858df8ffe7bb5aba1e} mobile and Google / SEO friendly.

6.5. GUI selectboxes

WordPress uses standard <select> HTML elements for select boxes that may have a different look and feel than those presented in client sketches. This is because of the complex logic assigned to UI select boxes in WordPress. Therefore, we highly recommend using standard HTML <select> elements.

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